Conclusion of The Healthy Heart Plan

Healthy and HappyThe only person who can help you reduce your risk of heart disease is yourself. Fortunately today, the medical and research professions have made incredible finding about heart disease,  risk factors and how to prevent yourself from getting heart disease. Yes, some heart disease is genetic but even genetics can benefit from good preventive efforts.

The earlier you start preventing heart disease, the better.  Parents can start reducing children’s risk by helping them make good choices, not starting habits that are harmful later in  life and encouraging an active lifestyle. Adults can make good eating choices, exercise daily and seek medical care and attention.  Heart disease does not need to be either an inevitable part of getting old (as it seems these days) and it is certainly not something you can’t do anything about.

Make good food choices. Get up and move around. Live an active life. Be happy! While we can’t promise anyone will live to a hundred, preventative measures and good choices will help you live a happy and healthy life!

Hope you have enjoyed the Healthy Heart Series.
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