Daughter and Her Aging Mother

Aging Parents: Warning Signs that They May Need Help

As your parents get older, they may need your help. Here are some signs to look for, and some cautions about handling this delicate situation.

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Alzheimer's Disease

What You Need to Know About Alzheimer’s Disease

The main thing is to not give up hope, and to continue making the Alzheimer’s sufferer’s quality of life good, while maintaining your own health.

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Holistic Medicine

Taking A Holistic Approach To Anti-Aging

The approach holistic medicine takes towards treating any illness is to evaluate and treat the entire person, including body, mind, and spirit.

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Seniors Staying Mentally Active

Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Cognitive Decline

Here are some of the signs and symptoms that let you know if a loved one is experiencing some level of cognitive diminishment.

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Aging and Exercise

Can Daily Exercise Affect Your Longevity?

In what ways can daily exercise impact how long you live? Let’s turn to the experts for some answers.

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Improve Brain Power

7 Natural Ways To Boost Your Memory Power

While not being able to recall as we once did is alarming, there are ways to naturally boost your memory power so that these embarrassing and often problematic memory lapses happen less often.

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Relaxing to Music

The Role of Stress on the Aging Process

Reducing your stress can add decades to your life and contribute to a higher quality of life.

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Volunteering May Increase Your Lifespan

If you’re seeking a way to give back to the world and you’re passionate about a cause, volunteering is a fantastic way to help others and to lengthen your life.

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The Seven Types Of Damage That Cause Age-Related Disease

The SENS Research Foundation focuses on halting the aging process before it ever begins by targeting the seven types of damage that cause deterioration.

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Obstacles to Retirement

Retirement Obstacle – Finding Affordable Health Insurance Before 65

Here are some options for obtaining health insurance during the “gap” years – the years between your retirement and Medicare.

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