Choosing A Health Care Plan – Introduction

Health Care InsuranceFor more than a decade, health insurance and health insurance reform has been part of the national debate. From rising medical costs, increased premiums, changes in coverage, reduction in employer healthcare contributions and you and your family’s ever changing health care needs, choosing which policy and coverage are best can be a very daunting task.

There are so many variables to consider – deductibles, pre-existing conditions, maximum lifetime coverage and varying types insurance add-ons! It is no surprise that many individuals and families find themselves with the wrong type of coverage or not enough coverage and therefore are faced with tough decisions about their medical care.

The purpose of this series of articles is to help demystify the process of choosing health insurance for you and your family.  When you understand the terminology, know the right questions to ask and are aware of your health insurance needs and budget you can confidently choose a plan that will best protect your family.

In this series, we will cover the following health insurance issues:

As you read each article, there will be a link back to this Table of Contents, if you should want to follow the articles through in order.

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