Finding Maternity Coverage

Maternity InsurancePregnancy can be an extremely exciting time in the life of a family, but on the same hand, it can be one of the most nerve-wracking time without proper insurance coverage.

On average, a typical nine months of visits and then a normal delivery, without any complications, can cost $10,000 and up. If there are specialists needed for any reason, the costs can more than double or triple. Having maternity coverage on your personal insurance plan can make the nine-month wait as enjoyable as possible while preparing for your little one to arrive.

Maternity coverage means that the insurance policy will cover a majority, if not all, of the costs incurred with regular check-ups, labor and delivery as well as pre- and postnatal care. Different plans have different amounts of coverage and include varying deductibles and co-payments based on physicians both in and out of the network.

Here are a few things to look for when pricing maternity coverage:

  1. Office Visits – Does the plan cover OB and GYN visits and if so, at what percentage after the deductible. This is an important question to ask; with check-ups occurring monthly and then moving to a twice-a-month and then once-a-week schedule later in the term.
  2. Ultrasounds – Many doctors have to refer patients out for ultrasounds performed by licensed technicians. It is best to have a plan that can pay for the clinic, the use of the machine and the time spent with the technician reading the ultrasound.
  3. Hospital Stay – Just like ultrasounds, this is a must, unless you plan on having a home birth. It is important to know what will be covered with regards to your hospital stay. Will the plan cover an extended stay if something is wrong? Will the plan pay for a private room, even if there are shared rooms available? There are many other questions pertaining to the hospital stay, and it cannot be emphasized enough the importance of a new mother to know the plan details.
  4. Midwife/Doula – For those who wish to have an at-home birth, it will make a big difference on whether or not the plan covers a midwife or Doula.
  5. NICU – While this usually doesn’t fall under maternity coverage, it is still important information to research. For the first couple of days, the newborn is covered under the mother’s health insurance plan. Make sure to find out what is covered in the event a NICU stay will occur. Hope for the best, but plan for the worse.

After the waiting and anticipating, your new bundle of joy arrives and is doing fantastic. You now have the joy of first-year appointments, which provide scheduled updates on how much your baby is growing and developing, vaccinations and the inevitable sick visit. A comprehensive personal health care plan will help ensure that your baby is well taken care of, without your pocket book getting sick.

Talk with your plan representative to make sure that you have the proper coverage for your maternity and new baby care.

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