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Obstacles to Retirement

Retirement Obstacle – Finding Affordable Health Insurance Before 65

Here are some options for obtaining health insurance during the “gap” years – the years between your retirement and Medicare.

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HMO vs. PPO Health Insurance

HMO or PPO: Which Should You Choose?

When you are looking for health insurance coverage, it is especially important to familiarize yourself with at least these two different types of health insurance plans available to you and your family.

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Insurance Premiums

Insurance Rates and Deductibles

All the talk about varying health care rates and deductibles can make anyone’s head spin. Rates and deductibles are completely independent of each other, but they do work in tandem to provide you with the best health care at a cost you can afford. Rates Also known as the premium, rates are what an individual […]

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Insurance Co-Pay

Co-Pay versus Co-Insurance

Taking a closer look at co-payment and co-insurance might be a good idea when shopping around and subsequently purchasing your individual health insurance.

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Comparing Health Care Plans

Compare Different Health Care Plans

Once you have an idea of what types of coverage you would like and how much you are willing to spend on a monthly basis, you are ready to start getting quotes from different health insurance companies.

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Health Care Insurance

Choosing A Health Care Plan – Introduction

The purpose of this series of articles is to help demystify the process of choosing health insurance for you and your family.

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