Cheat Day Diet For Perfect Fat Loss

Cheat Day DietThe cheat day concept is starting to get accepted in the fat loss diet world; or at least I hope it is . For anybody who’s having trouble with obesity or overweight and is anxiously trying to find the perfect fat loss diet , the Cheat Day Diet may actually be your lean body secret weapon.

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The difficulty I found, as a fat loss coach and fitness expert, is handling the incorrect perception that to lose weight successfully, one must avoid all ‘unhealthy’ foods and never allow themselves so much as a brief period of overindulgence.

This fat loss diet myth sounds right, but forgets to consider that our bodies actually have a smart system. After just a few days of a clean, low-calorie intake, the body will start to react in order to protect itself from what appears to be a starvation scenario. So, all of your hard work is sabotaged and the typical dieter then has to face an even greater battle in the effort to lose weight .

Why Cheating is a Good Thing

This is precisely why the cheat day must be utilized. By strategically using a carbohydrate, fat, and higher calorie cheat day, this natural but counterproductive body reaction can be minimized.

The result of this tactic is that our metabolism will remain high-revving and the brain will tell the body that the need for food has been fulfilled, despite the dieter operating at a negative caloric balance.

After posting many articles, many presentations, and a number of consultations, I’ve finally succeeded in opening many minds to the cheat day concept. However, my concern is that these lean body enthusiasts who’re working to gain maximum fat loss through strategic dieting are only hearing part of the message.

Cheat Day vs. Cheat Meal

Many dieters trust a wrong assumption that if a cheat “day” is so beneficial, perhaps they can raise their diet level and use a cheat “meal” instead. Theoretically, wouldn’t it make sense that by restricting the high calorie period to one single meal, one could accomplish the previously mentioned benefits and minimize the chance of storing extra fat from the cheat?

Sure it does seem to make sense, and this is why many dieters are now doing a once a week  cheat “meal.” However, a cheat meal simply cannot accomplished your mission. This type of cheating is useless when the goal is to lose fat continously and create a lean body.

More is Better

Many studies shows that it takes at least 8 hours of cheating to achieve the primary benefit of boosting a critical anti-starvation hormone. A thirty minute binge therefore fails to meet this duration requirement and thus, dieters opting for a weekly cheat meal will eventually experience a weight loss plateau.

Although the exact diet plan will vary slightly depending on the individual at hand, a rough road map would be to treat yourself to one cheat day each week, where 8 to 12 hours of this taste bud-friendly day is spent consuming high calorie foods.

Remember, for quick, consistent and substantial fat loss, a cheat day isn’t an option – it’s a requirement. Don’t make the mistake of cutting your enjoyment and your lean body efforts short by inadequate cheating.

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