Quit Cannabis Addiction With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy to Quit CannabisThere are plenty of pot addicts who are consistently searching for assistance on the right way to quit their habit. Dope addiction generally creeps up on people, it can be a thing that they fall into and do not actually realize that they are addicted. Many people that are dependent on cannabis even go into professional rehabilitation. Statistics have shown that over 500,000 people in the USA visit a rehabilitation center for cannabis addiction each year.

There are plenty of procedures – that have been debated regarding their results – to support a person trying to stop smoking weed. Among the list of commonly debated strategies is the use of hypnosis.


Hypnosis has become very popular recently as a complementary solution for those starting treatment for cannabis addiction. Hypnosis may be done by one of two methods. You’ve got the choice to visit a hypnotherapy practitioner, or purchase a CD or mp3 that help you with self-hypnosis in your home. They both work in the same way, however, consulting a hypnotherapist can cost you extra money.

The technique of hypnosis influences key changes in your behavior. It succeeds by redirecting messages directly to the subconscious mind. Therefore, you can develop a liking for certain practices and dislike for others. This will help one to follow a specific pattern of behavior without exerting too much effort. Hypnosis cannot, however, oppose ones ethical concepts. It is regarded as being harmless and can’t make you perform something that you do not want to.

A hypnosis program is in fact really simple to do. It only consists of 4 key steps and can last for about an hour. You don’t have to do anything but enter a trance while being directed by the hypnotherapist inside the clinic. The same trance is caused by playing a CD. The CD functions by mixing messages into tunes of certain frequencies. You may sometimes fall asleep throughout a hypnosis treatment, but you will usually get up normally completely rejuvenated.

If you plan to visit a hypnotherapist the sessions might be scheduled three times per week. However, if you plan to apply a CD for self-hypnosis, in that case you can do this three times in a day if you want. Either way, to truly benefit from hypnosis to treat cannabis addiction you have to stay regular with your sessions. Most hypnosis sessions last for a couple of months. No less than 60-day usage is recommended with CDs or mp3s for marijuana addiction.

Signs of Withdrawal

Most cannabis addicts can feel symptoms of withdrawal when they proceed through the procedure of stopping. Dope withdrawal signs can consist of physical anxiety and irritability to mood shifts, depression and total loss of appetite. Hypnotherapy can also complement any kind of treatment for de-addiction and is beneficial in most cases.

Additional Approaches

Of course, you can’t rely exclusively on hypnosis to deal with marijuana addiction. To acquire better effects you should merge exercise, will power, the right support network and hypnosis. No approach must be used in isolation. But all the effort is worth it for enhancing your health and becoming addiction free.

Success with hypnosis will usually vary from one person to another. It will depend on the person’s susceptibility, some will go more deeply into trance compared to others and they are more prone to suggestion, however a lot of people can experience a significant effect. Of course will power will still be essential.

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