Treating Morning Sickness with Natural Remedies

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time, but it can also be a time of swollen ankles and nausea. If you are having severe morning sickness, it is a good idea to see your doctor and talk about medications that can ease your nausea. However, for mild and moderate morning sickness, you might be able to help relieve it on your own at home. Here are some different natural remedies to try out.

Morning Sickness

Vitamins and Minerals

It is essential that you focus on your nutrition when you are pregnant. This isn’t always easy when you have morning sickness and are not able to keep down food and drinks, so this is where vitamin supplements come in. If you can at least keep down a glass of water, you might have a chance at keeping down pills as well. There are a few different
supplements that can be great for you if you are pregnant.

B Vitamins – The first type of vitamins you need are your B vitamins. Start with B-6, which can actually be very helpful at reducing your nausea. You should ask your doctor about the dosage, but you will typically take a smaller dosage a couple times a day to reduce nausea and vomiting. You might also be asked to take a B-complex vitamin.

Zinc – Another vitamin that can help with your morning sickness is zinc, which not only reduces nausea, but can also help to reduce headaches and dizziness associated with a zinc deficiency.

Natural Herbs

There are also some herbs that can help with pregnancy-related nausea. The first is ginger, which probably comes as no surprise to you. Many people drink ginger ale when they have a tummy ache, even when they are not pregnant. Ginger is very soothing on your stomach and is gentle enough for morning sickness. You can try ginger in your tea, drink ginger ale, or even have hard candies with ginger in them. Another herb that can be soothing on your stomach is mint, which has a fresh scent and can ease your nausea.

Toast for Morning Sickness



If you are interested in trying more natural remedies, especially if you have moderate to severe nausea, you might want to give acupuncture a try. This uses hair-thin needles at different pressure points of your body to help ease your discomfort. Make sure the acupuncturist knows you are pregnant so they can use all the right safety precautions.

Daily Lifestyle Remedies

Lastly, there are some simple things you can do each day that will help with your morning sickness. For example, you can try eating crackers or dry toast first thing in the morning, make sure you are well hydrated, and get just a little bit of gentle exercise like walking.

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