Four Tips for Easing Your Pregnancy-Related Nausea

Pregnancy-related nausea, or morning sickness, is extremely common in the first and second trimester, but unfortunately, can really affect your quality of life.


While some women get it just in the morning before breakfast, other women have it throughout the day. If this sounds like you, the following tips can help ease your nausea and make you feel much better.

Anticipate Your Nausea

One of the best ways you can get a handle on your pregnancy-related nausea is to look at the time of day when you typically get it. While you might get it at random times, many women have it only in the morning (hence the term morning sickness), or perhaps late at night. If you can anticipate the times of the day when nausea is worse, it is a lot
easier to prepare for it. Make sure you have a light meal around that time and have your ginger tea ready to go to ease the nausea before it even starts.

Eat Before You Get Out of Bed

The reason nausea during pregnancy is called morning sickness is because this is typically when most people get it. It can often be worse in the morning because you are just waking up with an empty stomach. To remedy this, keep some crackers by your bedside so that you can nibble on a cracker or two before you even get out of bed. This is often enough to ease that nausea or at least make it less severe.

Focus on Staying Hydrated

It is incredibly important that you stay hydrated while you are pregnant. Not only can this help reduce your nausea overall, but if you are vomiting as a result of morning or nighttime sickness, you are losing a lot of fluids. Drink as much water as you can to help keep you hydrated and gently ease your morning sickness.

Pregnant Woman Staying Hydrated

Try Different Scents

You may also notice that your morning sickness or all-day pregnancy nausea is related to certain smells. Different strong smells can trigger the nausea, from bacon and sausage in the morning, to smelling a strong perfume or cologne. If you can figure out what scents are hard for you to handle, you will be able to avoid them.

Also have some fresh scents around you, ones that you do like, for the times when another odor is triggering your nausea. This might be keeping a candle at home or bringing in a little bottle of your favorite essential oil that you can open just to get the aroma from at work or another public place.



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