Your Questions About Health Insurance For Students

Health Insurance for Students

Richard asks…

I’m looking for a cheap health insurance website for students.

Hello there! I’m a student and I need some suggestions, I’m looking for an affordable college student health insurance plan. There are many sites but I’m scared because I think some of them are scams. I’m looking for a cheap price. Please tell me a good one.

ModHealth answers:

If you are a full-time student under 24, why can’t you be on your parents’ insurance? If you have no health problems, your college should have a student health center. Otherwise, you can go to a community or public health clinic and pay according to your income.

Robert asks…

Can you tell me about cheap college student health insurance that I afford?

Hello! Can anyone help me with info about insurance? I’m 22, an exchange student from China and I need some suggestions, I’m looking for an affordable college student health insurance plan. What legit website will you recommend me to get cheap college health insurance? Thanks a lot

ModHealth answers:

Try this site where you can compare quotes so you can find the best option for you.


Lizzie asks…

Do most colleges offer good health insurance to students?

For example, I attend a 4-year university that has health insurance packages for students, but they are very expensive and I can’t afford. The coverage is up to $100,000 and deductible $300 and after that 80% coverage. I found out that private individual plans in the area near my college cost nearly the same but offer greater coverage like $1 million and $250 deductible and 100% coverage. I thought that health insurance offered by colleges are cheaper but aren’t always.

ModHealth answers:

That sounds about like what most schools offer if they offer anything at all (not all do). Generally, they offer coverage with high deductibles and less than 100% coverage because that makes the premiums cheaper. Most students can’t afford better coverage, or else they don’t think they need it (when you’re young you tend to think you’re immortal), so they can’t or won’t pay for better coverage.

If you’ve found a better plan that you can get, and it’s comparable in price, then go for it. You lucked out–not everybody can qualify for an individual plan, or afford it.

Maria asks…

Is there free health insurance for full-time students?

I am a full time student in my sophmore year, my coverage with my mother recently ended. I don’t work so my parents would have to pay for additional insurance. Is there a way to get free health insurance for students with no income? Does medicaid cover this?

ModHealth answers:

Most universities offer students medical care. Speak to your school counselor to find out what you qualify for.

Laura asks…

Would you give me the trick to get cheap college student health insurance for an orphan?

I’m 22 years old and have no parents so I can’t be under my parents insurance. Is there a free one if it is possible. I dont really the schame to pay as well. May it be known that I’m a full time student at the community college. Can you help ? What’s the best way for me to get cheap health insurance? What website can accomodate an orphan like me to get cheap college health insurance student? Thanks

ModHealth answers:

I recommend this site where you can compare quotes so you can find the best option for you.

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