Diet and Exercise for Parkinson's

Diet, Exercise, and Parkinson’s Disease

If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, it is up to you to find a way to live as healthy and as normal a life as possible.

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Back Pain

Combat Common Back Pain With Exercise

Back pain doesn’t mean that you have to stop doing what you love. You’ll want to keep moving, but modify your exercise routine until your back pain is gone.

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Senior Exercising

Ease Your Arthritis Pain With Moderate Exercise

Not only is exercise good to help you lose weight and get healthier, but it is great for relieving the pain and other symptoms that arthritis can cause.

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Aging and Exercise

Can Daily Exercise Affect Your Longevity?

In what ways can daily exercise impact how long you live? Let’s turn to the experts for some answers.

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Sitting Disease

How to Get Moving When You Lead a Sedentary Lifestyle

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you’ve been hearing about the “sitting disease”. It’s a fairly new phenomenon, born of the information age.

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treating depression naturally

Natural Ways to Treat Depression

Before resorting to chemical cures, give these natural remedies a shot. Chances are you’ll feel better without the added cost and chemicals.

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Insanity The Ultimate Cardio Workout

Insanity: Jump Your Way to Ultimate Fitness

You are guaranteed of incredible results in only 60 days and equipment or weights are not required. Watch one happy user’s video review.

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Exercising to Manage High Blood Pressure

Safe Workouts For Managing High Blood Pressure

There is a reverse correlation between high blood pressure and physical exercise; those who workout frequently are less prone to acquiring this problem.

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Boost Your Metabolism

Link Between Metabolism and Fast Fat Loss

The healthiest eating strategy to support fast weight loss is to eat small portions regularly throughout the day.

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