Healthy and Easy Breakfasts for Kids

Nutritional Breakfasts for ChildrenEveryone knows that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and trying to think of interesting and healthy foods for children can be a challenge. All too often they are given high sugar cereals that are bad for them.  A nutritious healthy breakfast will enable your children to start the day well, and be prepared for the day ahead.  It will restock the essential fuel that is needed for their brains to be at their best for the school day.

Although your children need a good breakfast, it is often the busiest time of day in any household. Finding a quick breakfast is also essential, as most parents do not have vast amounts of time in the morning.

Getting children involved in the kitchen is an ideal way to interest them in food. Letting your children loose in the kitchen may seem daunting, however, they will often pick items they will eat. If they help to make their breakfast they are more likely to eat it, and even enjoy what is put in front of them. Here are some healthy breakfast ideas to get you started:


Oatmeal is great as it is packed full of fiber and grains which are ideal to fill your child up. You can add banana or raisins to add a different element to it.

Eggs and Whole Grain Toast

Eggs are a great source of protein, and are perfect to serve with brown or whole grain toast. Children love dunking toast soldiers into soft-boiled eggs. Toast can be made more exciting by cutting it into different shapes, and topping it with unusual toppings.


Muffins are a fantastic way to get your children to eat things they wouldn’t normally try. Bran and banana muffins are perfect as an alternative breakfast, and are incredibly healthy.

Pancakes and Crepes

Pancakes and crepes are another very easy breakfast alternative that can have many different secret ingredients added.  Bananas, nuts and raisins can all be added easily to add color, flavor, and something healthy to the pancakes.

Fruits and Yogurt

Including fruit in your child’s breakfast is the perfect way to start the day, and there are specific fruits that are thought to be super fruits. Making fruit kebabs and adding a yogurt dip is a fantastic idea in the morning.

Smoothies (sneak those veggies in!)

Smoothies are another alternative when it comes to finding healthy breakfast ideas.  You can quickly produce amazing tasting smoothies with a vast combination of fruits and vegetables. Your children will not even realize that the delicious morning drink they are having is in fact packed full of nutrients and vitamins.

Trying to include fruits and vegetables can be a struggle yet with smoothies it takes all of the stress away. Once you find a great combination that your children love, it is the perfect way for them to start the day.

So you see, there are plenty of alternatives that you can have other than a prepackaged box of cereal.  Once you begin to offer your children other alternatives they will jump at the chance of trying something new.  Although not everything will meet their approval, there will be a huge amount of different foods that they enjoy, and want to try again and again.

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