Eat These Foods to Help with Morning Sickness

When you’re pregnant, your body goes through many changes. Something many pregnant women have to deal with is morning sickness, or all day sickness in some cases. You might get it shortly after you find out you are pregnant, at 6-8 weeks, or possibly not until you are almost into your second trimester.

Pregnant Eating Strawberries

The way you eat can have a huge impact on how much nausea you experience, so it is good to eat the right foods and avoid the bad ones. Here are some foods that can help tremendously with pregnancy-related nausea.

Dry, Bland Foods

The first type of food that can help with your morning sickness is your bland diet. Think about foods you would eat if you had the cold or flu. You would typically not want foods with a lot of intense flavors and complicated ingredients. Think of anything dry and bland, like Saltine crackers or other crackers without seasoning, dry toast, and mashed potatoes without anything added to them. Try nibbling on a few crackers in the morning, or having dry toast and a banana for lunch. Experiment with different foods until you figure out what doesn’t upset your stomach too much.

Chilled Treats

For morning sickness or any pregnancy-related nausea, chilled foods and treats are often welcomed. These can be very soothing on your stomach, whether you have sickness so bad you have been vomiting, or you are just feeling a little queasy. Try thinking of cold foods that don’t have a lot of artificial sweeteners, however.

A little sorbet or frozen yogurt is great, but try to look for more natural options. Some women find that dairy upsets their stomach, so if these aren’t a good option, look for special pregnancy pops, available under many brands. These are a type of frozen treat that includes ingredients to help ease your nausea.

Herbal Teas

Drinks for Nausea

When eating is the last thing you want to do, you should try getting your nutrition from drinks instead. To start with, make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Cold water is typically better for nausea. Next, you can have herbal tea, such as chamomile, ginger, or peppermint tea.

You may also want to get some Ginger-Ale or have a bit of lemonade. Look for lemonade with little or no sugar added, such as lemon-flavored carbonated water. Speaking of lemon, that can also be wonderful for nausea, whether you add lemon slices to your water or try hard lemon-flavored candy.

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