Heathy Heart Foods

Eating Your Way to a Healthy Heart

You are what you eat, literally. Change what you put into your body and you will not only change the way you look but how your insides function. Here are some choices for delicious tasting foods that have less fat.

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Exercise and Your Heart

As we age, every part of our bodies is affected, including our heart.  Regular exercise can keep your heart strong and pumping.  Exercise of all types and intensities are beneficial to your heart. Why is everyone so afraid of exercise? Just the mention makes people tense up as if they are accepting a mission to […]

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Keep A Healthy Weight

The Skinny on Weight and Your Heart

Did you know that it’s your heart that will suffer under all the weight? Here are a few facts about weight and your heart.

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Cholesterol Build Up

How Cholesterol Affects Your Heart

You may know something about cholesterol, but keep reading to find out how it can be unfriendly to your heart.

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